Upcoming Conference: Marco Polo Research: Past, Present, Future

Tübingen, Germany
10–11th Oct 2017


Tue, 10.10.2017 8:00

Welcome Address by the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, University of Tübingen, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Leonhardt
Introduction, Hans Ulrich Vogel, Ulrich Theobald
Past Researches, Current Work, and Future Investigations on the Devisament du monde of Marco Polo, Philippe Ménard


1. Le Divisament dou monde: Transmission and Stylistic Issues of the Text(s)


The Textual Transmission of the Divisament dou monde: Old Problems and New Insights,
Alvise Andreose

On the Way to an Integral Edition of the Book of Marco Polo: A First Attempt to Create a Digital Version, Eugenio Burgio, Mario Eusebi, Samuela Simion


13:00-14:00 Lunch Break
“Déviations”: Le Divisament dou monde and the World Empire of Letters, Sharon Kinoshita

Who Read Marco Polo’s Book and what for? Christine Gadrat
Coffee Break until 16:00

The Illuminated Manuscripts: Words and Images in Establishing a Late Pattern of Perception of the Theme of Oriental Travelling, Marcello Ciccuto

Literary Styles in the Devisament du Monde, Danièle James-Raoul

Exotism in Marco Polo’s Accounts, with a Focus on his Return from Asia, Dominique Boutet


19:00 Dinner


Wed, 11.10.2017

2. Marco Polo, his Reports and his Time


Marco Polo on Nestorianism, Tang Li

The Ancestors of Marco’s Marvels: Mirabilia mundi in Latin Travel Reports of the 13th century, Johannes Gießauf

Coffee Break until 10:00

On Yuan Dynasty Money, Helen Wang

The Military System of the Yuan Dynasty, Ulrich Theobald


12:00-14:00 Lunch break

Persia – A Strategical Place in the Devisament du monde: Order and Disorder in the Progress
of the Narrative, Michèle Guéret-Laferté

Three Mongolian Toponyms of Marco Polo’s Cambaluc, Dang Baohai

On the Custom of Sexual Hospitality in Marco Polo’s the Description of the World, Luo Wei

Coffee Break until 16:00

Marco Polo’s Crouching Dragons and Hidden Tigers, Hans Ulrich Vogel
The Description of the City of Quinsai in the Early Tradition of the Devisament dou monde, Guiseppe Mascherpa

Tibet in the Major Versions of Marco Polo, Michel Quereuil


Final Discussion, Hans Ulrich Vogel, Alvise Andreose

19:00 Dinner


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