Call for submission for the journal “Bamboo and Silk”

Bamboo and Silk is a peer-reviewed academic journal sponsored by the Center of Bamboo and Silk Manuscripts of Wuhan University and published by Brill. It is co-edited by Professor Chen Wei of Wuhan University, China and Professor Edward L. Shaughnessy of the University of Chicago, USA. The journal is published in print and also digitally available at

The journal focuses on unearthed Chinese bamboo and silk manuscripts from the pre-Qin period and Qin, Han, Wei and Jin Dynasties. It publishes research related to character identification and textual reconstitution, and studies of the social, political, economic and legal systems as well as ideology, culture, language, customs and other aspects reflected by these manuscripts. Bamboo and Silk publishes research articles, overviews, and book reviews that reflect the latest international developments concerning new Chinese manuscript finds. The journal publishes two issues every year, and selects articles for translation into English from the Chinese journal Jianbo 簡帛 (est. 2006) in addition to accepting new contributions in English. All contributions are peer reviewed by experts in the field.

Bamboo and Silk accepts contributions in English throughout the year. Submissions should be in DOC (DOCX) and PDF format and sent to All author information should be removed from the main text and footnotes and be presented in two separate files: 1) one file containing the title of the contribution and the author’s name, institution and post and email address; 2) one file containing the title of the contribution, Chinese and English abstracts (Chinese: 60-100 characters, English: 50-70 words) and keywords (3-5 words), and the article itself. For format and style please refer to the Instruction for Authors available at

  Authors will be notified within 3 days whether their submission will be considered for preliminary review. Within 30 days the author is notified whether their submission will be considered for peer review, and finally, within 3 months the final decision on publication and any further corrections is communicated.

Only one article per author is considered every review cycle, please do not send in the same contribution multiple times.

Authors can also use the Editorial Manager (EM) system to submit contributions at Registration is required for first use, please click “Register Now” and fill in the appropriate information.

The journal publishes one volume of two issues, about 360 pages, every year. The first issue appeared in October 2017 and since three issues have been published. Please find the table of contents below:

Dialogues and Narratives Surrounding Confucius and His Disciples in the Shanghai Museum Manuscripts (上博楚簡有關孔子師徒的對話與故事)
  Guo Qiyong (郭齊勇)
Interpreting the Warring States Graphs Zi 才 and Chui in Light of the Yancang Chu Slips (由嚴倉楚簡看戰國文字資料中“才”、“ ”兩字的釋讀)
  Li Tianhong (李天虹)
The Zhoujiatai Occult Manuscripts (周家臺的數術簡)
  Donald Harper (夏德安)
Bureaus and Offices in Qin County-Level Administration: In Light of an Excerpt from the Lost Hongfan wuxing zhuan (Great Plan Five Phases Commentary) (秦縣的列曹與諸官——從《洪範五行傳》一則佚文説起)
  Sun Wenbo (孫聞博)
The Military History of Qin and the Composition of Its Expeditionary Forces (秦國戰役史與遠征軍的構成)
  Kiyoshi Miyake (宮宅潔)
Writing in Turns: An Analysis of Scribal Hands in the Bamboo Manuscript Suan shu shu 筭數書 (Writings on Mathematical Procedures) from Zhangjiashan Tomb No. 247 (張家山247號墓漢簡《筭數書》寫手再探)
  Daniel Patrick Morgan (墨子涵) and Karine Chemla (林力娜)
A Study of Sun Wu Seed Grain Loan Registers from Zoumalou (走馬樓吳簡中的種糧給貸簿研究)
  Xiong Qu (熊曲) and Song Shaohua (宋少華)
A Review of the Study of Warring States Excavated Texts in Mainland China(2015) (2015 年中國大陸戰國出土文獻研究概述)
  He Youzu (何有祖)
Trends in Research on Qin Bamboo Strips in Japan (2011–2013) (日本秦簡研究動態(2011–2013))
  Kudō Motoo (工藤元男)
Research Trends in the Study of Qin Bamboo Slips in Korea (2009–2012)(韓國的秦簡硏究(2009–2012))
  Yun Jae Seug (尹在碩)
An Overview of Western Sinologists’ Studies of Chinese Paleography(西方漢學家中國古文字研究概要)
  Edward L. Shaughnessy (夏含夷)
Scott Cook (Gu Shikao 顧史考), The Bamboo Texts of Guodian: A Study & Complete Translation《郭店楚簡綜合研究與英譯》
  Mark Csikszentmihalyi (齊思敏)

  Looking at the “Qu qie” Chapter of the Zhuangzi from the Guodian *Yucong iv Bamboo Slip Manuscript (從郭店簡《語叢四》看《莊子·胠篋》) 
  Li Xueqin (李學勤)
  Non-Chu Characteristics in the Guodian *Wu xing 五行 Manuscript (談談郭店簡《五行》篇中的非楚文字因素) 
  Feng Shengjun (馮勝君)
  An Investigation of Clerical Script in Chu Regions during the Qin and Han Periods, and its Relationship to “Scribal Writing” (秦漢楚地隷書及關於“史書”的考察) 
  ōnishi Katsuya (大西克也)
  Evidence for Qin Law in the Qianling County Archive: A Preliminary Survey (遷陵縣檔案中秦法的證據:初步的研究) 
Robin D.S. Yates (葉山)
“Event Calendars” in the Early Imperial Era: A Re-Assessment (關於秦漢“質日”的新考察)
  Chen Wei (陳偉)

Vol. 2.1
On reading xiehou 邂逅 (“chance meeting”) as Xing hou 邢侯 (“Marquis of Xing”) (邂逅“邢侯”) 1
Liu Gang (劉剛)
Seeking an Audience in the Underworld and the Question of the Han Juridical Soul (向地下官吏請謁:漢代法律意義下的靈魂) 16
Ethan Harkness (郝益森)
To Turn Soybeans into Gold: A Case Study of Mortuary Documents from Ancient China (“黃卷以當金”:古代中國隨葬文獻個案分析) 32
Jiang Wen (蔣文)
From “Clothing Strips” to Clothing Lists: Tomb Inventories and Western Han Funerary Ritual (從“衣物簡”到衣物疏——遣策與西漢的喪葬禮儀) 52
Tian Tian (田天)
Newly Unearthed Wooden Figures for Averting Misfortune from Yangzhou (揚州新出土五代解除木人研究) 87
Cheng Shaoxuan (程少軒) and Liu Gang (劉剛)
Summary of Research Published in 2015 on Bamboo and Wood Manuscripts from the Qin through Jin Dynasties (2015 年秦漢魏晉簡牘研究概述) 104
Lu Jialiang (魯家亮) and Li Jing (李靜)