Call For Submissions – New Book Series: “Contemporary China Studies: Past, Present and Future”

Following a new partnership with University of Leon Press (Spain), Confucius Institute of University of Leon, Spain is pleased to announce a highly anticipated new book series with China Studies book imprint “Contemporary China Studies: Past, Present and Future”. The China Studies book imprint aims to set new standards in participatory knowledge creation and scholarly publication. This series, which features monographs, takes a broad view of the Chinese world.

This book series collects and presents cutting-edge studies on various issues that have emerged during the process of China’s social and economic transformation, and promotes a comprehensive understanding political, cultural, linguistic, historical and other social aspects of China. It brings together academic endeavors by researchers in various social science and related fields that record, interpret and analyze social phenomena that are unique to Chinese society, its reforms and rapid transition. This series offers English, Chinese and Spanish language resource for researchers in China studies and related subjects, as well as for general interest readers looking to better understand China. We welcome Individually or jointly authored full books.


•political science and international relations;
•linguistics, culture and literature;
•and other social sciences and humanities.

How to submit:

Book Proposal Submission: We welcome completed manuscripts at minimum of
100,000 words or above. To begin the process for a full book, please submit title,
author(s), table of contents, CV, a summary of the broader significance of the work.
The deadline for submissions is open.
If you have an idea or a manuscript for a book suitable for China Studies Series,
please send an email to for review and inquiries with the
subject line: China Studies Book Series.


李秋杨 Dra. Li Qiuyang (Email:
Maestra de Ordenación Académica y Jefe de Estudios
Instituto Confucio de la Universidad de León.
Teléfono: +34987293077

Download this announcement including further Guidelines for Authors: Call for Book Series pdf