Upcoming Conference: Transfer of Scientific and Technical Knowledge between Europe and China during the Early Modern Period – Sino-German Center for Research Promotion

Beijing, P.R.China
30th Mar – 1st Apr 2019

The history of scientific, technical and medical exchange between Europe and China during the early modern period (16th to 19th centuries) is an important topic of research undertaken on a global level, but so far, much attention has been paid to special fields like astronomy, mathematics and cartography while other fields of practice and knowledge remain understudied.

This convention prominently concentrates on “hands-on” sciences, practical crafts and techniques and takes the texts produced in these fields more comprehensively into account as this has been done so far. Surprisingly, and perhaps due to the difficult technical language, only very few of the scientific, technical and medical treatises initiated or produced by the Jesuit China mission have been translated into English, nor have they been studied to substantial depth so that much work has still to be done in this respect. Therefore, translations of these Chinese texts into English, including all relevant text-critical, translational and contextual questions according to the newest global standards current in the field, are an important task for the next years.
This conference endeavours to bring together specialists in the history of exchange of scientific and technical knowledge between Europe and China. The targets of this event will be to share between colleagues mainly from China and Germany experiences obtained from relevant research and delineate fields of promising investigations. Moreover, this opportunity is used to explore possibilities of further co-operations in the framework of other conventions and workshops to be held in the future, invitations of individual scholars for research stays, or joint project applications.

Visitors are very much welcome. Those who would like to attend should send a short note to Dr. Jost (eccs.md@gmail.com) or Dr. Cao (eccs.acad@gmail.com).

Programme and Flyer

Conference Venue
Sino-German Center for Research Promotion
Shuangqing Road 83, Haidian District, Beijing, PR China
中德科学中心, 北京市海淀区双清路83号

Conference Hotel
Holiday Inn Beijing Haidian ****
Shuangqing Road 89, Haidian District, Beijing, PR China
北京海淀红杉假日酒店, 北京市海淀区双清路89号A座

Prof. Dr. ZHANG Baichun 张柏春
Institute for the History of Natural Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Prof. Dr. Hans Ulrich Vogel 傅汉思
Department of Chinese Studies, Tübingen University

European Centre for Chinese Studies at Peking University (ECCS)
Dr. Alexander JOST 曹大龙, Managing Director
0086-18601241464 (German, English, Chinese)
Dr. CAO Jin 曹晋, Academic Director
0086-18614090561 (Chinese, English, German)

URL: https://uni-tuebingen.de/de/20632 .