Vacant Position: Associate, or Full Professorship at Yuelu Academy (嶽麓書院)

Hunan University, PRC

Hunan University is a public Chinese university located in Changsha, China. It is listed in the “Project 985”, “Project 211” and the “Double First-Class Initiative” by the Chinese government. The Yuelu Academy of Hunan University consists of the history, philosophy and archaeology departments. Its staff includes renowned and innovative senior and junior scholars. The Academy offers BA, MA, and PhD programs, and accommodates postdoctoral research.

Associate, or Full Professorship 
(associate or full professorship is preferred)

Chinese History
Medieval, late imperial and modern Chinese history, Chinese historical philology, intellectual history (from Song to Qing), Confucian classics studies, and history of Academies. 

World History
Greek and Roman history, Medieval history, Modern history, Japanese history, American history, British history, German history, French history and so on.

Graeco philosophy, Patristics, medieval philosophy, German Classic Philosophy, Modern Christian Theology, Bible Studies, Comparative Religions and Confucian-Christian Dialogue, Chinese Philosophy, Chinese religions.

Acquisition of doctor’s degree bestowed by renowned universities as well as research institutions. 

Remuneration and appointment rank offered will be competitive and commensurate with the successful applicants’ academic qualification, current position and professional experience. 

Application materials:
1. Job Application Form
( Download link: )
2.All the supporting materials for the information in the job application form, such as copies of academic publications. 
3.Three recommendation letters.

The application is open all year round. Early application is strongly recommended.

Application Process:
Mail or Email the application materials to Dr. Wang Feifei(王菲菲)

Tel: +86 13677325052

Address: Yuelu Academy, Hunan University, Yuelu District, Changsha, Hunan Province, China, 410082.

Download this announcement: Yuelu Academy – Job ad