Fellowships at EURICS: European Institute of Chinese Studies

Paris, France
Deadline: 10th Sep 2020

EURICS, the European Institute of Chinese Studies (http://www.eurics.eu) which was founded last year at the initiative of President Emmanuel Macron is now looking for fellows for the coming academic year!

For the fall semester of 2020 (September-December): application deadline is 20 July 2020
For the spring semester of 2021 (Jan-July): application deadline is 10 September 2020

EURICS aims at deepening the understanding of China in all fields. It is an independent institute with an institutional, scientific and financial independence that guarantees the autonomy of its research, analysis and debate. Holding a genuine European dimension, EURICS brings together major European players in the field of Chinese studies through fellowship invitations and joint research activities. EURICS strongly supports and encourages a multidisciplinary research approach and hopes to bring together scholars in all fields working on China with interests ranging from Chinese traditional culture in its diversity (language, philosophy, religions, literature, arts, etc.), to the political, economic and societal transformations that have shaped China’s long history and its contemporary state. Moreover, EURICS encourages and supports research projects on current dynamics such as environmental transition, population ageing, urbanisation, migrations, social inequalities, learning society, cultural change, economic transformations, automation, as well as on China’s international role and China’s place in its regional environment.EURICS aims to become a significant think-tank in Chinese Studies for Europe.

I have been asked to provide a list of scholars interested in spending time in Paris in the coming academic year. Therefore, if you are interested in becoming a fellow either late in 2020 (hoping that Corona does not come back hard) or in 2021, for a few months or more, please send a CV and a short description of the research project you would be conducting in Paris and the amount of time you would like to spend there to the following address:


Download this announcement as PDF: EURICS_Fellowship Information