Call for Papers: Current Scholarship on the Book of Changes 易經

Among Chinese classics, the Book of Changes (or I Ching, Yijing) has been immensely popular among Western readers because of its graphic images, its method of divination, and its philosophy of change. But the Book of Changes is notoriously difficult to read due to its complex textual body and its competing commentarial traditions. The problem is further compounded by differing renditions of the text in western languages, causing a confusion as to how to approach this fascinating text.

For the first time in English, Dao Companion to the Book of Changes will provide the full scope of current scholarship on the Book of Changes. Scheduled to be published by Springer in 2024, this volume will address three fundamental issues:

(1) How do we make sense of the original text?
(2) How do we come to grips with its commentarial traditions?
(3) What do we learn from the Western interpretations of the texts?

As the editor of this volume, I have invited scholars to contribute articles. But there are still missing chapters. I would like to take this opportunity to invite those who have special interest in the Book of Changes to contact me. I am particularly looking for authors who can write chapters about the recent archaeological findings related to the Book of Changes, the Buddhist and Daoist interpretations of the text, and the uses of the text in medicine and alchemy. For inquiry, please contact Tze-ki Hon at