EACS ‘Ukraine Emergency Support Package’

Now that war has, once again, struck Europe, the vulnerability of both individual academics as well as academic communities has yet again become evident. As an academic association, the European Association for Chinese Studies stands in firm solidarity with colleagues and students in Ukraine whose personal and professional lives are deeply affected by the current war, and with Russian academics who disapprove of the military aggression and suffer from the consequences of their stance. Convinced that actions speak louder than words, the EACS, representing Chinese Studies in Europe, is reaching out to the Chinese Studies community in Ukraine with an emergency support package that aims to support Ukrainian colleagues and students in their academic work or studies, so as to help enable their continued involvement in the European sinological community. As part of the emergency package, the EACS has decided to allocate a total of up to €20,000 to implement the following support measures:

  1. Free EACS membership for all academics and students based in Ukraine for four years (2022-2026)
  2. Preferential treatment of applications for Library Travel Grants
  3. Financial support on a case-by-case basis for students applying to Chinese Studies programmes at European universities to continue their studies, including application fees or tuition fee support
  4. Administrative and financial assistance with finding temporal institutional affiliations for academics in Chinese Studies, including subsidies for visa fees, university and research institution bench fees for use of facilities, and other related fees
  5. Support with scholarly materials (e.g., journal articles, book chapters)

Applications for support can be sent directly to the EACS President and Secretary-General and should, if possible, be accompanied by a letter of support from another EACS member. Decisions on the allocation of funds will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Contact addresses:

Bart Dessein, President EACS (bart.dessein@UGent.be)

Thomas Jansen, Secretary-General EACS (t.jansen@uwtsd.ac.uk)