12 months postdoc/research assistant position on narratives of Artificial Intelligence in China

University of Cagliari (Italy)
Deadline: 18th Dec 2023

Project title: “Public opinion on AI in China. The ‘social’ reception of official and media discourse”

Funds: STARTUP (PNR) 2023 – F25F21002720001 (National research grant)
The research project at the Department of Humanities, Languages and Cultural Heritage of the University of Cagliari investigates the institutional and journalistic narratives on Artificial Intelligence in the Italian and the Chinese political and social contexts, as well as their reception by the respective public opinions. In particular, the grant holder will study the reception of the Chinese institutional and journalistic discourse on AI by Chinese public opinion. They will collect data mainly on Chinese social media platforms and carry out a discourse analysis of the opinions expressed by the users. The activities are part of the STARTUP research project “Artificial intelligence and human perception: media discourse and public opinion in Italy and China”, which involves scholars of Chinese language and culture, Italian linguistics and political science.

The call, including more detailed information, is available at the following link (deadline 18 December 2023):

For further information: emma.lupano@unica.it