Vacant Position in Contemporary China Studies at CNRS

Deadline: 20th Mar 2024

The French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) is offering a Junior professorship (“Chaire de professeur junior”, full time 3-6 y. tenure track to full position at CNRS) in Chinese studies entitled “Knowledge of Contemporary China”. The tenure track comes with a EUR 200k research package provided by the “Agence Nationale de la recherche” for the duration of the tenure track.

The position is open to “Holders of a doctorate or a PhD or equivalent degree or applicants who have gained scientific qualifications or carried out scientific work deemed to be of an equivalent level. There is no restriction on the age or nationality of applicants. All CNRS positions are accessible to people with disabilities, with special arrangements for tests made necessary by the nature of the disability”.

Position description: “The centrality of China in the contemporary world is becoming increasingly apparent, whether on a French or European scale. The profile of the proposed CPJ (i.e., junior professorship) corresponds to the need to strengthen the/our understanding of contemporary China, its internal dynamics and the issues related to its place in the world. This Chair is consistent with CNRS SHS ‘ methodological priority dedicated to areal studies.” “Understanding contemporary China and its place on the international stage can only be achieved through an intimate knowledge of its internal dynamics and the role it plays on the world stage. Expected research may focus on Chinese society, which is currently undergoing radical changes, leading us to examine social mobilities, social recompositions and new stratifications. These elements transform the structure of families, social groups, territories and natural environments, as well as cultural and religious practices. Research may also address the various aspects of China’s economic and financial power, both internally and in its interactions with international partners. It may also focus on the political dimensions of the Chinese state: institutional, reformative or legal, without forgetting the geopolitical question.”

Disciplines and research fields concerned (according to French classification): Modern and contemporary history; Sociology and legal sciences; Economics and management; Anthropology and comparative study of contemporary China; Spaces, territories and societies; Politics, power, organisation

Applicants have to submit a research project and can apply to 3 different host CNRS research centers (“laboratory”):

The China-Korea-Japan Center in Paris (200612822R - UMR8173 - CCJ Chine, Corée, Japon), a partner of the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Schiences Sociales (EHESS)
The Institute of East Asian Studies in Lyon (199511753B - UMR5062 - IAO Institut d'Asie Orientale), a partner of the Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon
The French Institute of East Asian Research in Paris (201922952V - UMR8043 - IFRAE Institut Français de Recherche sur l'Asie de l'Est), a partner of the Institut National des Civilisations Orientales

Application deadline: March 20th, 2024.

Applications can be submitted either in French or in English

For more information and application:

Applicants may contact the direction of the concerned research centers to get support in designing their research project:

China-Korea-Japan Center in Paris:
Institute of East Asian Studies in Lyon:
French Institute of East Asian Research in Paris: