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Members’ Publications: Humanism in Trans-Civilizational Perspectives: Relational Subjectivity and Social Ethics in Classical Chinese Philosophy

Springer, 2023

Jana S. Rošker, 2023. Humanism in Trans-Civilizational Perspectives: Relational Subjectivity and Social Ethics in Classical Chinese Philosophy. Cham: Springer.

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Jana Rošker is pleased to announce the publication of some of her recent books. Two of these works, both published by Brill, are already freely available in Open Access format:

Furthermore, We are looking forward to the upcoming Open Access release of two additional titles, currently not yet available online:

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Modern Chinese Literature and Culture (MCLC)

We are pleased to announce that the latest issue of Modern Chinese Literature and Culture (MCLC) has gone to press. It is available online here: Natascha Gentz and Christopher Rosenmeier

Table of Contents for Volume 35, Number 2 (Winter 2023):
“Note from the Editors,” by Natascha Gentz and Christopher Rosenmeier
“Passion and Passio: The Chahua nü and Late Qing Courtesan Narratives,” by Tony D. QIAN
“Modernizing Classical Poetics and Cultural Traditions: Wu Mi’s Enterprise of Rewriting George Gordon Byron,” by Hanjin YAN
“’A Wider and Stranger Space’: World Literature and World-building in Xue Yiwei’s Fiction,” by Pamela HUNT
“Knowing the World and Educating the Self: Reportage in Chinese Left-Wing Culture in 1936,” by Ying XIONG
“Toward a Regime of Emotional Authenticity: Eileen Chang’s Literary Transmediation of Theater and Cinema in Two 1940s Love Stories,” by Renren YANG
“Patior Ergo Sum: Date Surveillance and Necropolitics in Han Song’s Hospital Trilogy,” by LYU Guangzhao… Read more ⤻

Members’ Publications: Voiced and Voiceless in Asia

Zawiszová, Halina, ed. / Lavička, Martin, ed. Palacky University Olomouc 2023.

This volume consists of 19 chapters that reflect the titular theme – Voiced and Voiceless in Asia – from a variety of angles, making use of diverse scholarly approaches and disciplines, while focusing specifically on China, India, Japan, and Taiwan. The chapters are broadly divided into two parts: (1) Politics and Society, and (2) Arts and Literature, although the texts included in the second part also deal with social themes. In addition to historical topics, such as Japanese colonialism or Chinese agricultural reforms in the 1950s, the volume also addresses current issues, including restrictive Chinese policies in Xinjiang, Japanese activist movements against gender-based violence and discrimination, or the problems of migrant laborers in India and performing arts in Japan during the COVID-19 pandemic. Likewise, it provides insight into satirical woodblock prints from the Boshin War period or works of literature produced in Japanese leprosariums in the first half of the 20th century, as well as into selected topics in contemporary Chinese, Japanese, and Sinophone Tibetan literature.… Read more ⤻

JEACS, Volume 4, 2023 «Culture and Memory»

The editorial committee of the JEACS is happy to announce that vol. 4 (2023) is now online.

Each contribution may be downloaded here:

Volume 4 contains a special section on « Culture and Memory » along with one separate research article, one spotlight on Sinology, seven book reviews, and a list of PhDs defended in 2022-2023 (at European institutions).

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Members’ Publications: The ENP-China project

The ENP-China project is pleased to announce the release of the Biographical Dictionary of Occupied China (BDOC) [], an online resources created by historian David Serfass (Inalco). The BDOC seeks to address a significant lacuna in the scholarship surrounding the Japanese occupation of China (1937-1945). The current tally of entries stands at 170, but this number is anticipated to grow steadily, aspiring to emulate the breadth and depth of “the Boorman”. The vision for the BDOC is to evolve into a collaborative endeavor, uniting historians specializing in occupied China. Please check out the full presentation of the  Biographical Dictionary of Occupied China (BDOC) on the ENP-China reasearch blog [].

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Members’ Publications: Helena F. S. Lopes

Cambridge University Press, 2023

Helena F. S. Lopes, Cardiff University, Neutrality and Collaboration in South China: Macau during the Second World War
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2023

The South China enclave of Macau was the first and last European colonial settlement in East Asia and a territory at the crossroads of different empires. In this highly original study, Helena F. S. Lopes analyses the layers of collaboration that developed from neutrality in Macau during the Second World War. Exploring the intersections of local, regional and global dynamics, she unpacks the connections between a plurality of actors with competing and collaborative interests, including Chinese Nationalists, Communists and collaborators with Japan, Portuguese colonial authorities and British and Japanese representatives. Lopes argues that neutrality eased the movement of refugees of different nationalities who sought shelter in Macau during the war and that it helped to guarantee the maintenance of two remnants of European colonialism – Macau and Hong Kong.… Read more ⤻

Member’s Publications: Thorben Pelzer

Brill, 2023

Pelzer, Thorben, 2023. Engineering Trouble: US–Chinese Experiences of Professional Discontent, 1905–1945. China Studies, Volume 52. Boston: Brill, 2023.

In the early twentieth century, the first large batch of Chinese civil engineers had graduated from the USA, and together with their American senior colleagues returned to China. They were enthusiastic about reconstructing the young republic by building new railways, highways, and canals, but what the engineers experienced in China, including mismanaged railways, useless highways, and silted canals, did not always meet their expectations and ideals. In this book, Thorben Pelzer makes the stories of these Chinese and American engineers come to life through exploring previously unpublished letters, rare images, maps, and a rich biographical dataset. He argues that the experiences of these engineers include a myriad of contradictions, disillusionment, and discontent, keeping the engineering profession in a constant flux of searching for its meaning and its place in Republican China.

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Members’ Publications: Nina Borevskaia

Shans 2023, 2 Vols.

Nina Borevskaia, 2023. The translation of Luo Maodeng’s novel The Tale of Zheng He’s Voyage to the Western Ocean (San Bao taijian Xiyang ji, 1597). Moscow, Shans Publishing House. 2 Vols.

The Russian translation of one of the classical Chinese novels Sanbao taijian xia Xiyang tongsu yanyi (Xiyangji, Author Luo Maodeng, 1597) was published in Moscow by Shanse publishing house in May 2023 (slightly abridged version, in two volumes with three appendixes, coloured illustratins and many comments), The translation was made by Nina Borevskaia, EACS member for almost 35 years. The book is in two volumes, each of about 440 pages. It has a welcome address by the famous modern writer Wang Meng and a long Preface in the format of the interview between the translator and the author called “Over the Abyss of Time and Space”. The translation is provided with several thousand comments (references).

English Abstract

Abstract: The translation of Luo Maodeng’s novel
The Tale of Zheng He’s Voyage to the Western Ocean
(San Bao taijian Xiyang ji, 1597)

According to the generally accepted Eurocentric ideas shared by many historians, the era of great geographical discoveries of the 15th — 16th centuries began with the expeditions of Vasco da Gama, Christopher Columbus, and Ferdinand Magellan.… Read more ⤻

ERCCS: Reviews of new academic books from China

The European Research Centre for Chinese Studies (ERCCS) in Beijing, a joint centre of the École française d’Extrême-Orient and the Max Weber Stiftung, regularly publishes reviews of new academic books from China on its blog:
Here the latest reviews:
• 翁有为《近代中国之变轴:军阀话语建构、省制变革与国家》(Weng Youwei: The Axis of Change in Modern China. The Construction of the Discourse on Warlordism, the Reform of the Provincial System, and the State) reviewed by Clemens Büttner
• 吕庙军《清华简与文武周公史事研究》(Lü Miaojun: Research on Tsinghua Bamboo-Slip Manuscripts and Historical Events of King Wen, King Wu, and the Duke of Zhou) reviewed by Felix Bohlen
• 李小尉《新中国初期的中国人民救济总会研究》(Li Xiaowei: Research on the People’s Relief Association of China in the Early Period of the PRC) reviewed by Henrike Rudolph
• 陳少明《夢覺之間:〈莊子〉思想錄》(Chen Shaoming: Between Waking and Dreaming. Reflections on the Zhuangzi) reviewed by Dennis Schilling
• 李尹蒂《晚清农学的兴起与困境》(Li Yindi: The Rise and Dilemma of Agricultural Science in Late Qing Dynasty) reviewed by Jörg H. Hüsemann
• 张昌平《吉金类系:海外及港台地区收藏的中国青铜器研究》(Zhang Changping: Auspicious Metals’ Categories and System: A Study of Chinese Bronze Vessels Collected Overseas and in the Hong-Kong and Taiwan Region) reviewed by Maria Khayutina

See also the selective bibliography of books on Chinese history from China for 2022: more ⤻