China Work Group 2024. Current Challenges in Research and Teaching

Munich, Germany
1-2nd Jun 2024

The annual conference of the China Work Group (China-AG) will take place at Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich on June 1st and 2nd, 2024.
The goal of the China AG as a work group of young scholars from the field of Chinese cultural studies of the German-speaking sphere, founded in 1992, is to further exchange between junior scholars in Sinology and connected disciplines. The annual conference serves to present ongoing or recently finished research projects, as well as to discuss current challenges in university teaching. Contributions dealing with occurring problems of junior scholars (research contents as well as practical) and how to constructively cope with them are of particular interest.
Junior scholars (including those interested in a doctorate, PostDocs, etc.) are cordially invited to hand in title and a brief description (ca. 200‒250 words) of their presentations. Contributions on all academic topics relating to China are welcome, especially including interdisciplinary approaches, as well as suggestions of desired topics for the discussion of academic teaching. The conference language is German, but presentations may be delivered in other, common languages. Thanks to funding by the Graduate Center of LMU Munich, limited funding for travel expenses will be available for select participants. Please indicate if you require funding in advance. There is no participation fee. Listeners are welcome after registration. The conference is planned to take place in presence.
Descriptions of presentations, desired discussion topics, as well as registrations may be sent via e-mail to Marco Pouget ( until 29.02.2024. For further information, please consult the China-AG website ( See you in Munich — 在慕尼黑見!
Organisers: Marco Pouget, Alexander Campos Aran, Li Jiayu