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Members’ Publications: Stéphanie Homola

Berghahn Books, 2023

Homola, Stéphanie. 2023. The Art of Fate Calculation. Practicing Divination in Taipei, Beijing, and Kaifeng. New York: Berghahn Books (Asian Anthropologies Series). ISBN 978-1-80073-812-6

This book dives into Chinese fate calculation, a practice which enthralls the Chinese despite official condemnations which have disparaged this traditional knowledge as “superstitions” since the beginning of the 20th century. From housewives to students and high-ranking officials, people from all social backgrounds visit fate calculation masters to learn about and make the most of their destiny, be it to choose a career, get promoted, make an investment, or get married. How do clients experience fate calculation consultations? How do they choose a diviner and how do they assess his/her skills? How does one become a fortune-teller? What controversies structure the professional milieu? How is a person’s fate calculated? Through an investigation that takes us from Taiwan to China to meet the various actors of fate calculation, this work explores why so many people are interested in a form of knowledge which everyone admits to be highly complex and questionable.… Read more ⤻

Members’ Publications: Qing Cao

Routledge Studies in Chinese Discourse Analysis

The Language of Nation-State Building in Late Qing China – A Case Study of the Xinmin Congbao and the Minbao, 1902-1910, Qing Cao, Routledge Studies in Chinese Discourse Analysis, January 2023: 148pp

The Language of Nation-State Building in Late Qing China investigates the linguistic and intellectual roots of China’s modern transformation by presenting a systematic study of the interplay between language innovation and socio-political upheavals in the final decade of the Qing Empire.
This book will be useful and relevant to academics, postgraduate students and final year undergraduate students in the field of Chinese Studies, and anyone
interested in the role of language in shaping modern intellectual history.… Read more ⤻

JEACS, Volume 3, 2022 “New Views on Visual Materials 視覺影像刮目相看”

We are happy to announce that vol. 3 (2022) of the Journal of the European Association for Chinese Studies is now online. As usual, it is fully open access (CC BY 4.0). This volume contains a special section on « Visual materials in local gazetteers » and three other research articles, four book reviews, and a list of PhDs defended in 2021 (at European institutions). You’ll be able to download each contribution there:

Finally, we would like to remind you of the ongoing call for vol. 4:

Best wishes and a happy new year to all,

The editors of the JEACS

Table of Contents
Alexis Lycas, Marie Bizais-Lillig, Laura De Giorgi, Alison Hardie, Sascha Klotzbücher, Frank Kraushaar
Editorial: New Views on Visual Materials 視覺影像刮目相看
Kenneth Hammond 
Visual Materials in Chinese Local Gazetteers 中國視覺方志
Xin Yu 余 欣
Scenic Views of Administrative Units in Ming China 明代方志中的府州縣景致研究
Sander Molenaar 
Locating the Sea: A Visual and Social Analysis of Coastal Gazetteers in Late Imperial China 給海洋定位: 明清時期沿海方志的視覺及社會分析
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Members’ Publications: Alison Hardie

New York & Shanghai: SCPG, 2023

Alison Hardie, An Illustrated Brief History of Chinese Gardens: People, Activities, Culture, New York & Shanghai: SCPG, 2023, 164pp., US$19.95, ISBN 978-1-93836-887-5.

This book, illustrated with many images of Chinese gardens, ancient paintings, block prints, and other artefacts, is a social history of Chinese gardens, focusing on how gardens have functioned and been used in Chinese society through the ages. Apart from the aesthetic or philosophical aspects of Chinese gardens, it discusses how gardens functioned as real estate, how they gave opportunities of employment to skilled artisans, how they opened up outdoor space to both elite and lower-class women, and how they allowed men of different social classes and of different ethnicities to interact and gain mutual benefit; in short, how the existence of gardens exerted an influence on society as a whole. At the same time, the reader can find how the wider society, and even socio-economic changes beyond China’s own borders, had an impact on how gardens in China developed.… Read more ⤻

Members’ Publications: Björn Alpermann

Björn Alpermann, Xinjiang — China and the Uyghurs, Würzburg University Press, (open access in French and German)

I am happy to announce that my book “Xinjiang — China and the Uyghurs” published last year in German (Würzburg University Press) is now also available in French. Both versions are open access. You find the blurbs in both languages and the download links below.

Le Xinjiang – la Chine et les Ouïghours
La situation au Xinjiang, région du Nord-Ouest de la Chine, a ces dernières années suscité une attention internationale croissante. Les rapports sur les internements massifs de Ouïghours et d’autres groupes ethniques dans des camps de rééducation, le travail forcé, les stérilisations forcées et autres atteintes aux droits humains font la une de l’actualité et affectent les relations entre la Chine et ceux qui la critiquent. Le gouvernement chinois, en revanche, justifie sa manière d’agir par la lutte contre le terrorisme, l’extrémisme islamique et le séparatisme ethnique.… Read more ⤻

Members’ Publications: Alison Hardie

Hong Kong University Press, 2022, 320pp.

Alison Hardie, The Many Faces of Ruan Dacheng: Poet, Playwright, Politician in Seventeenth-Century China, Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2022, 320pp., HK$750, ISBN 978-988-8754-07-6.
The Many Faces of Ruan Dacheng: Poet, Playwright, Politician in Seventeenth-Century China is the first monograph in English on a controversial Ming dynasty literary figure. It examines and re-assesses the life and work of Ruan Dacheng (1587–1646), a poet, dramatist, and politician in the late Ming period. Ruan Dacheng was in his own time a highly regarded poet, but is best known as a dramatist, and his poetry is now largely unknown. He is most notorious as a ‘treacherous official’ of the Ming–Qing transition, and as a result his literary work—his plays as well as his poetry—has been neglected and undervalued. Hardie argues that Ruan’s literary work is of much greater significance in the history of Chinese literature than has generally been recognised since his own time.… Read more ⤻

Journal of the European Association of Chinese Studies (JEACS) Special issue: Culture and Memory

Deadline: 15 January 2023

This special issue welcomes scholarly papers across disciplines dealing with various aspects of culture and memory related to the pre-modern, modern, and contemporary sinophone world and its vicinities.

Departing from the broad understanding that memory and culture are mutually constitutive, we are interested in papers exploring profound linkages of memory and culture from aesthetic, historical, spatial and comparative perspectives.

Topics might address, but are not limited to, the following:

cultural memory and memory culture in (post)dictatorships

spatialized memory and social spaces

cultural memory in textual and visual cultures

memory as form in literature and arts

memory and mobilization

the future of memory

cultural memory and new media culture.

For further information on submission please consult JEACS’ webpage:

Please submit your paper via the journal’s webpage:

The deadline for submissions is January 15, 2023.

The volume will be published in September 2023.

JEACS editorial team


Download this announcement as docx: Cfp JEACS4 Culture and MemoryRead more ⤻

Members’ Publications: Frank Kraushaar

Fern von Geschichte und verheißungsvollen Tagen. Neoklassizistische Cyberlyrik im ChinaNetz und die Schreibweise des Lizilizilizi (2000-2020)

(Distant From History and Auspicious Days. Neoclassicist Cyberpoetry in the ChinaNet and the Poetic Diction of Lizilizilizi (2000-2020))

As a first attempt to explore in greater detail the contemporary phenomena of “modern verse in old style” 舊體新詩 published and read online, this book-essay contributes to a shift of perception in the studies of modern Chinese literature postulated by individual scholars and manifested collectively “not only to set right the misconception of the deterministic view regarding the development of the Chinese literary tradition, but also to affirm its vitality, continuity, and power of rebirth. (“Frankfurt Consensus”,2015)

In the first two parts of the book, the phenomena is approached from various angles: 1. biased perception and representation (via translation) of modern and classical Chinese poetry in the West, 2. transition from “old style poetry” to “new old style poetry” in China, distinction between “classicist” and “neoclassicist” diction, 3.… Read more ⤻

JEACS, Volume 2, 2021 “Youth”

We are pleased to announce the publication of the latest special issue of the Journal of the European Association for Chinese Studies (Volume 2, 2021), with a special issue on youth and a spotlight on Jaroslav Průšek, young Taiwanese voters, the recent German-China discourse, book reviews, and the list of PhDs in Sinology/China Studies defended at European institutions in 2020. All articles are open access. We thank our authors and peer-reviewers for their work!


The Journal of the European Association for Chinese Studies (JEACS) is a fully open access journal: All content is ready to be downloaded from everywhere and free of charge. No login, no individual subscription fees, no so-called “author processing fees” or hidden transfer-payments by subscriptions of your library or funding organization.
We enhance our authors and readers to store and make available content of the JEACS in their repositories and websites all over the world and to distribute it under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0), which permit unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.… Read more ⤻

Members’ Publications: Walter Lee

Principles and Laws in World Politics: Classical Chinese Perspectives on Global Conflict (Singapore: World Scientific Publishing, 2021) by Walter Lee, 524 pages

The search for universal principles and laws in world politics is a colossal common task for all civilisations. It should not be monopolised by the Western liberal paradigm. Thirty years after the end of the Cold War, global conflicts have been satisfactorily resolved neither by communism nor liberalism. Humanitarian intervention, now under the cover of the responsibility to protect (R2P), has destabilised many societies, leaving justice undone. This inspiring book invites debates on the post-liberal imagination of “emancipated Leviathan”: an almighty political authority which exercises awe and force to restore order, as well as enshrines globally-negotiated values of common conscience and reinvented cosmopolitanism. Human well-being will truly become reality when we synergise pre-modern and pre-liberal ways of thinking, worldviews, ethics, and aesthetic styles by means of cross-civilisational, cross-disciplinary fundamental research, and let an emancipated Leviathan exercises principles and laws of virtue derived from the study.… Read more ⤻

Members’ Publications: Minna Törmä

Nordic Private Collections of Chinese Objects is already out as e-publication and the print version will appear June 16th.

Call for Papers: Formulaicity and idiomaticity in CFL and CSL

Deadline: 31st Aug 2019 The CASRI research group “Formulaic language, idioms, situation-bound utterances” is seeking contributions to a journal special issue or a monograph focused on formulaicity and idiomaticity in Chinese as a foreign or second language (CFL/CSL respectively). A formulaic sequence is defined by Wray (2000, p. 465) as “a sequence, continuous or discontinuous, of words or other elements, which is, or appears to be, prefabricated: that is, stored and retrieved whole from memory at the time of use, rather than being subject to generation or analysis”. The definition is a broad one

Call for Papers: Bochum Yearbook of East Asian Studies Bochumer Jahrbuch zur Ostasienforsch – 2019 Edition

Deadline: 1st Aug 2019 The Bochum Yearbook of East Asian Studies (Bochumer Jahrbuch zur Ostasien-forschung) is now accepting submissions in either English or German for edition 42, which is scheduled for publication in winter 2019‒20. All papers submitted will undergo double-blind peer review. The Bochum Yearbook of East Asian Studies (BJOAF) has been published since 1978 by the Faculty of East Asian Studies at Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany. It serves as an international forum for academic publi-cations on East Asian research, with individual research

CfP: “Censorship and Self-censorship – China and Chinese Studies”

European Journal of Chinese Studies; Volume 1; No. 1, 2020 Deadline: 1st Dec 2018 For its first edition, the European Journal of Chinese Studies invites scholars to submit papers dealing with aspects of censorship and self-censorship in pre-modern, modern, and contemporary China. We welcome unpublished papers that discuss the historical continuities and discontinuities of censorship, the language and discourses of censorship in Chinese and transnational settings.

Economic and Political Studies (EPS) article abstracts of Volume 6 Number 2, 2018

Economic and Political Studies, a China-focussed academic journal recently published its issue 2 vol. 6, 2018 The full texts are available online at Unpacking the patterns of corporate restructuring during China’s SOE reform Xiaojun Li and Jean C. Oi Abstract State-owned enterprises (SOEs) in China have undergone significant restructuring since the mid-1990s. To date, scholars have devoted considerable attention to the constraints upon and motives for corporate restructuring in China.

Member’s Publication: Wenxin Duihua 文心對話

A Dialogue on The Literary Mind / The Core of Writing, a bilingual collection of papers discussing the Chinese literary and aesthetic tradition indelibly marked by the milestone of Wenxin Diaolong 文心雕龍. This work collects the contributions of six Chinese and Italian authors (such as Alessandra Lavagnino and Zhang Shaokang) who shared their research and perspectives, enriched the literary and aesthetic landscape with deep reflections and original connections, and enhanced a polyphonic dialogue stemming from Liu Xie's heritage.

Economic and Political Studies, Vol. 5 No. 4, 2017

Dear Colleagues, You may be interested in viewing the article abstracts of Volume 5 Number 4, 2017 of Economic and Political Studies (EPS) as follows. Their fulltexts are available online at . Grassland tenure, livelihood assets and pastoralists’ resilience: evidence and empirical analyses from western China Shuhao Tan and Zhongchun Tan, Abstract: Pastoralists in western China are highly vulnerable due to harsh natural conditions and the poor socioeconomic environment they confront. More than 50% of the pastoralists in major grassland areas are living below the survival line; moreover, around 90% of the usable grasslands in China have been

The Journal of China and International Relations (JCIR) 中国与国际关系学刊, Vol 5, No 1 (2017)

Table of Contents Colophon The "Asia-Pacific Dream": Is China Using Economic Integration Initiatives as Ideological Weapons? – On The Link Between Free Trade Agreements, Soft Power and "Universal Values" Anke Berndzen Xi Jinping and The Sino – Latin American Relations in The 21st Century: Facing The Beginning of A New Phase? Diego Leiva Van de Maele The Eurasian Economic Union: A Brittle Road Block on China's "One Belt – One Road" - A Liberal Perspective Wolfgang Zank Visit the website of this Journal at: External Link...

New book series in Chinese Studies: Leipziger Sinologische Studien / 萊比錫漢學研究叢書

The editors are proud to announce the publication of a new series in Chinese Studies at the University of Leipzig (Germany). Edited by Philip Clart and Elisabeth Kaske and published by Leipziger Universitätsverlag, Leipziger Sinologische Studien will be devoted mostly to German-language monographs and edited volumes. The inaugural volume has just appeared: Jörg Henning Hüsemann. Das Altertum vergegenwärtigen: Eine Studie zum Shuijing zhu des Li Daoyuan [Presenting Antiquity: A Study of Li Daoyuan’s Shuijing zhu]. Leipzig: Leipziger Universitätsverlag, 2017. 371 pages, ISBN 978-3-96023-101-1. €33 (paperback). (In German) Abstract: Rivers have shaped the history and culture of Imperial China and have been treated in many genres of Chinese writing, including poetry, travelogues, historiography,

Journal of Chinese Humanities has released Volume 3.1 on the subject “Myth and Legend in Ancient China”

This issue includes articles from top Chinese scholars and a piece by Early China editor Sarah Allan that responds to new findings out of China with implications for the historicity of the Xia Dynasty. You can read abstracts on our website, and you can subscribe by going to our publisher's page, Our next issue is on the theme Wei and Jin Dynasty Xuan Xue, and we are now accepting submissions. See our website for submission details. TABLE OF CONTENTS – Journal of Chinese Humanities, Vol. 3.1: MYTH AND LEGEND IN ANCIENT CHINA; February 2017 A New Model in the Study of Chinese Mythology Author: LIU Yuqing pp.: 1-22

Ming Qing Yanjiu XX 2016

Ming Qing Yanjiu XX 2016MING QING YANJIU  ISSN 1724-8574
Università degli Studi di Napoli “L’Orientale”, Dept. of Asian, African and Mediterranean Studies
Published by BRILL

Donatella Guida (Università degli Studi di Napoli “L’Orientale”)

Editorial Board
Rüdiger Breuer (Ruhr-Universität Bochum), Craig Clunas (University of Oxford), Nicola Di Cosmo (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton), Maram Epstein (University of Oregon), Guo Yingde (Beijing Normal University), Christine Moll-Murata (Ruhr-Universität Bochum), Paola Paderni (Università degli Studi di Napoli “L’Orientale”), Roderich Ptak (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München), David Robinson (Colgate University), William T. Rowe (Johns Hopkins University), Nicolas Standaert (Leuven University), Luca Stirpe (Università degli Studi di Chieti-Pescara), Wu Bin (Shenyang Gugong Bowuguan), Yang Nianqun (Beijing People’s University)
Managing Editor
Federico Brusadelli (Università degli Studi di Napoli “L’Orientale”)


Reconsidering the Role of Mazu under the Early Hongwu Reign: The Case of Guangzhou in 1368
Roderich Ptak and Cai Jiehua  3-20
Evaluating the Four Books  (《四書評》): the Authorship Problem
Nikolai Rudenko  21-54
On the Three Transformations in Seng Ni Gong Fan 《僧尼共犯》
Antonio Leggieri  55-73
Chinese Porcelain as a Symbol of Power on the East African Coast from 14th century onward: some Reflections on the Funerary Context
Andrea Montella  74-93
The Boxue Hongci 博學宏詞Examinations, Literary Anthologies by Emperors and the Literary Circles during the Kangxi and Qianlong Periods
Bing Wang  94-108
陳芳芳  109-134
Horse Theft, Law, and Punishment in Xinjiang during the Qianlong Reign
Jianfei Jia 135-164

Another Justice: Litigation Masters in Chinese Legal History
Lung-Lung Hu  165-191

Book Review
Donatella Guida  193-195
For information please refer to:… Read more ⤻

New Issue: Ming Qing Studies 2016

edited by Paolo Santangelo (Sapienza University of Rome) We are glad to inform you that the new edition of Ming Qing Studies 2016 has been finally issued. Digital and hard copies can be purchased on-line at “Aracne Editrice” (see contents below)

Ming Qing Studies 2015

MQS 2015 cover

MQS 2015 cover



11   Preface by PAOLO SANTANGELO
15  Making sense of Incompleteness: Approximations of Utopia in Liang Qichao’s Xin Zhongguo Weilai Ji and Chen Tianhua’s Shizi Hou. LORENZO ANDOLFATTO
45   Travelling in a Thronged Desert. GIORGIO CASACCHIA
57  The Tension between the Realistic and Imaginary Elements in Alexander’s Illustration. CHEN YUSHU 陈妤姝
87  Windows onto the Supernatural in the Second Half of the Edo Period: from the Gazu Hyakki Yagyō (1776) by Toriyama Sekien to the E-hon hyaku monogatari (1841) by Takehara Shunsen. DIEGO CUCINELLI
111 A Virtual Escape from the “Closed Country” through Painting and Humorous Verses: Shiba Kōkan’s Seiyō mitate Mimeguri fūkei zu 西洋見立三囲風景図. DONATELLA FAILLA
137 Alfonso Vagnone S.J.’s “Tongyou Jiaoyu (Child Education)” and its Contribution to the Introduction of Western Learning into Late Ming China. GIULIA FALATO
159  Nationalism, Ethnicity, and Colonial Modernity in Liang Qichao’s Ban Dingyuan Conquering the Western Region 班定遠平西域. GAO YUNWEN 高韵闻
175 Chinese Painters in Nagasaki: Style and Artistic Contaminatio during the Tokugawa Period (1603-1868).… Read more ⤻

Véronique Alexandre Journeau, Poétique de la musique chinoise, Préface de Rémi Mathieu, Paris, L’Harmattan, “L’univers esthétique”. 2015

Couverture Poetiqu musique chinoise recto

Couverture Poetiqu musique chinoise recto« Dans la pensée chinoise, la musique est une partie du monde, sinon le monde lui-même en ses manifestations sonores. Œuvre humaine, elle constitue l’essence de la culture, au même titre que l’écriture ou la peinture, mais elle est avant cela l’expression de la nature, voire du 道 dao qui génère les êtres et leur confère leurs normes de fonctionnement cyclique » (préface de Rémi Mathieu). L’ouvrage est ainsi une approche par la voie musicale d’un univers qui s’avère être, à considérer les fondements esthétiques chinois, un véritable entrelacs des arts. Il est aussi fondé sur le constat que la poésie chinoise – à la fois un langage artistique et un langage sur l’art – en révèle des aspects essentiels à une compréhension fine de la pensée musicale et du geste artistique. Dès lors, un tiers de poèmes, un tiers d’illustrations et un tiers de texte théorique et technique, trame tissée d’explicitations directes et brodée d’�!… Read more ⤻

Oriens Extremus (52.2013) „Chinese Reflections on the Exile Experience after 1949“ Now Available


oe52.2013aVolume 52, edited by Thomas Fröhlich and Brigit Knüsel Adamec, will be a special volume devoted to Chinese Reflections on the Exile Experience after 1949. China’s 20th century was a century marked by exile. The multifarious experience of exile is arguably one of the salient features of a distinction, as historical periods, between the 19th and 20th century in China.


Visit Oriens Extremus’ website at: External Link…






















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Daria Berg. “Women and the Literary World in Early Modern China, 1580-1700” Routledge, 2013.

daria berg

daria berg

Exploring the works of key women writers within their cultural, artistic and socio-political contexts, this book considers changes in the perception of women in early modern China. The sixteenth century brought rapid developments in technology, commerce and the publishing industry that saw women emerging in new roles as both consumers and producers of culture. This book examines the place of women in the cultural elite and in society more generally, reconstructing examples of particular women’s personal experiences, and retracing the changing roles of women from the late Ming to the early Qing era (1580-1700). Providing rich detail of exceptionally fine, interesting and engaging literary works, this book opens fascinating new windows onto the lives, dreams, nightmares, anxieties and desires of the authors and the world out of which they emerged.

Contents: The Rise of Literary Women: An Introduction; 1. Writing Goddess: Virgin, Venerators, Literary Vogues; 2. The Child Prodigy; 3. Queen of the Bordellos? The Courtesan’s Quest; 4.… Read more ⤻

L’Archicube, revue semestrielle publiée par l’a-Ulm, Association des anciens élèves, élèves et amis de l’École normale supérieure


LArchicubeL’ARCHICUBE est la revue semestrielle publiée par l’a-Ulm, Association des anciens élèves, élèves et amis de l’École normale supérieure. Elle consacre dans son numéro 17 de décembre 2014 un dossier de 140 pages à Chine, Japon, regards pour aujourd’hui en faisant, comme toujours, appel à des spécialistes des disciplines les plus variées, écrivains, sinologues, historiens, économistes, mathématiciens, linguistes ou biologistes …


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Tian Yuan Tan and Paolo Santangelo, Passion, Romance, and Qing: The World of Emotions and States of Mind in Peony Pavilion (3 vols.). Leiden, Boston: Brill. (Emotions and States of Mind in East Asia series)


64245 “Passion, Love, and Qing examines the vitality of Peony Pavilion, the most famous drama in Ming China (1368-1644), through four essays (by Isabella Falaschi, Paolo Santangelo, Tian Yuan Tan, and Rossella Ferrari) and an extensive Glossary of specific terms and expressions related to the representation of emotions and states of mind. It explores the evolution and permanence of the universal message about passion or emotions contained in the language of the play. Written in the late Ming, Peony Pavilion embodies the new trends in the ‘cult of passions’ and new sensibility of the times. It is also a rich intertext of love that both inherits the legacy of earlier literary traditions and influences later amatory literature and theatrical performances.”

Read more and order this book on the publishers website at External Link…

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Harriet Zurndorfer. “Gender Issues in Traditional China” Oxford Bibliographies Online. Oxford 2014.

From the introduction: “The study of pre-20th century gender issues in China began in the 1970s with Margery Wolf’s groundbreaking anthropological analysis of women and the family in rural Taiwan. Her Stanford University 1972 publication Women and the Family in Rural Taiwan (see Wolf 1972, cited under Marriage and Family) challenged the idea that Chinese women were always subordinated in the Confucian patriarchal family.”

OBO Members can access this website via: External Link…Read more ⤻

New Issue: Early China (Journal)

Li Xueqin 2013

Li Xueqin 2013

EC 35-36 (2012-2013) is now in print. This volume is dedicated to Li Xueqin (s. photo) and guest-edited by Xing Wen. It includes interviews with Li Xueqin by Sarah Allan and Wang Tao; articles by David Keightley, Constance Cook, Xing Wen, Shu CHEN, Harold Roth, Donald Harper, Jeffrey Riegel, Crispin Williams, Yau Shun-chiu, Robin Yates, Marc Kalinowski, Michael Loewe, and Helen Wang; a review by Moss Roberts; and the usual Shigaku zasshi translations and annual bibliography. (Details below)

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EARLY CHINA 35-36 (2012-13)

Dedicated to Li Xueqin on the occasion of his eightieth birthday
Guest editor: XING Wen



The Life of a Chinese Historian in Tumultuous Times: Interviews with Li Xueqin, by  Sarah Allan and WANG Tao

The Period V Ritual Postface: Prospective or Retrospective, by David N. Keightley

Sage King Yu 禹and the Bin Gong Xu 豳公盨, by Constance A.… Read more ⤻

Chang, Ting. “Travel, Collecting, and Museums of Asian Art in Nineteenth-Century Paris”, Ashgate, 2013.

Chang cover sm

Chang cover sm

"Travel, Collecting, and Museums of Asian Art in Nineteenth-Century Paris" with Ashgate. This book examines a history of contact between modern Europe and East Asia through three collectors: Henri Cernuschi, Emile Guimet, and Edmond de Goncourt. Drawing on a wealth of material including European travelogues of the East and Asian reports of the West, Ting Chang explores the politics of mobility

Doleželová-Velingerová, Milena, and Rudolf G. Wagner. “Chinese Encyclopaedias of New Global Knowledge (1870-1930) Changing Ways of Thought”

"This is a set of pioneering studies on Chinese encyclopaedias of modern knowledge (1870-1930). At a transitional time when modern knowledge was sought after yet few modern schools were available, these works were crucial sources of information for an entire generation.

This volume investigates many of these encyclopaedias, which were never reprinted and are hardly known even to specialists, for the first time. The contributors to this collection all specialize in the period in question

Clart, Philip. Chinese and European Perspectives on the Study of Chinese Popular Religions. 中國民間宗教、民間信仰研究之中歐視角

This volume results from a conference held at the University of Leipzig (Germany) in the fall of 2010. Of the book's twelve chapters, five are in Chinese and seven in English. The authors include: Andreas Berndt, Nikolas Broy, Adam Yuet Chau, Gao Hongxia, Vincent Goossaert, Barend J. ter Haar, Volker Olles, Shao Yong, Tang Lixing, Xiaobing Wang-Riese, Xu Maoming, and Zhou Yumin.